Post Congress Workshop Programme

Jointly organised with Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

Aim: Delegates attending this workshop will gain a better understanding of the conundrum between medication and falls and the importance of multidisciplinary and seamless care. Additionally, delegates will also gain valuable insight into key areas for future research, management strategies and implementation of available evidence.

With polypharmacy now almost inevitable in older patients, the landscape of medicine and falls is now changing, and desperately requires updating. This workshop represents the first joint activity between the Doctors and Pharmacists interested in medicines management in older persons in Malaysia. It will also be an amazing networking opportunity between international academics, clinicians and researchers in this area.

Jointly organised with Life After Falls (LiAF) Research Programme

Aim: To provide delegates with information and practical skills in how to use psychological techniques for optimal engagement among older people in fall prevention interventions.

The workshop will cover 3 sessions that deal with making interventions culturally relevant (important given a lot of evidence-based interventions are from contexts outside of Malaysia), the use of behaviour change techniques (that take turn an evidence-based exercise intervention into one that older people are more likely to do), and the use of cognitive behavioural therapy to reduce fear of falls (using A Matter of Balance programme, important as fear of falls can be a key barrier to older people’s participation in fall prevention interventions).

Jointly organised with Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

Aim: The Otago progressive strength and balance training workshop is aimed at physiotherapists and exercise instructors who work with older people at risk of falls. The workshop will describe the strong evidence base for this programme including its cost-effectiveness and will cover both the support of unsupervised home based training and group face to face delivery. The workshop will be interactive and will ensure every attendee has a chance to try all the exercises, deliver in small groups and receive feedback on delivery and technique as well as ensuring key competencies for choosing start level of exercises and progression to more challenging and intense exercise are understood. Motivation and behaviour change support will be embedded throughout the day as an exercise programme only works if people do it.


  1. Dawn Skelton, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom
  2. Julie Whitney, King's College London, United Kingdom


AIM: To provide the delegates with information and practical skills in the management of fragility fracture and secondary prevention through establishing a fracture liaison service.

The workshop will also highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in acute hip fracture care, tailored osteoporosis treatment in older people and considerations when setting up a fracture liaison service.

*Programme is updated as of 28th November 2019 and is subject to change without prior notice

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